An online turn based game.
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Border Wars

Border Wars is a turn-based online strategy game where players compete to conquer territories and expand their medieval kingdom. The game incorporates various elements outlined in all brainstorm:


If you want to know more about our reflexions check this : all brainstorms.

Game Design Prototype

game design prototype

1. Soldier System

  • Move Management: Players can strategically move their troops across the hexagonal grid.
  • Fighting: Engage in battles by selecting our army to attack.

2. Building

for more details check : actions

  • Upgradeable Buildings: Structures such as the Castle, Barracks, Outpost, Mines, Sawmills, Breeding Farms, and Towers can be upgraded to enhance their capabilities. If you want to see each upgrade of each buildings, check the second brainstrom
  • Destruction and Construction: Players can gain resources and build their own structures within their territory with a limited number of workers.
  • Usage of Buildings: Each building serves a specific purpose, from troop recruitment to resource generation. Players must manage their buildings efficiently to strengthen their kingdom. If you want to see each usage of each buildings, check the second brainstrom

3. Villager Management

  • Castle Management: Players can assign villagers to different professions within the Castle, such as Explorers, Worker or Neutral

4. Conquest

  • Territory Control: Players aim to conquer and control hexagonal territories on the map.
  • Explorers: Special units can be deployed to explore unclaimed territories and expand the kingdom's borders.
  • Membership Change: Players can switch the ownership of territories through conquest or diplomacy.

5. Main Menu System

  • Settings: Players can adjust game settings and preferences.
  • Game Modes: Choose from various modes including 1v1, 2v2, 1vAI, and History Mode.

Additional Features

  • Balancing: Ongoing efforts to ensure each troop type and building is balanced for fair gameplay.
  • Visual and Audio: Immersive 2D isometric graphics with a fairytale medieval theme and accompanying sound effects and music.

Our team

Our team consists of :